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20 April 2009 - 10:04 - admin

Picture of hairstyle

Need hairstyle pictures?

Of course, ‘back in the day,’ when you needed a picture of a hairstyle in order to get some ideas about changing your hairstyle, your only avenue was to head to the nearest magazine rack and buy the latest edition of a hairstyle magazine or a woman’s interest magazine. And this didn’t really help you if you wanted some pictures of men’s hairstyles!

Hairstyle Picture Databases

Now, when you want a picture of a hairstyle, all you have to do is switch on your computer, fire up your Internet connection and you have access to a world of literally thousands of pictures of hairstyles, covering every type of hairstyle that you may be interested in, whether they be long, short or medium hairstyles, punk hairstyles, black/African hairstyles, kids hairstyles, classic hairstyles, formal and bridal hairstyles, etc.

There are some excellent databases on the Net with thousands of pictures of hairstyles. Here at Great-Hairstyles.com, we are growing our own database of hairstyle pictures that we are adding to on a daily basis. And our database includes the facility for anyone visiting the site to add their own pictures.

Access the Great-Hairstyles picture database HERE

Interactive Hairstyle Picture Databases

As a natural development of the static databases, there are now several sites that work interactively with the visitor/user who wants to see their pictures of hairstyles. These sites work by offering you the opportunity to upload your own picture and then use this image to try out lots of different hairstyles from the pictures stored on the site. These sites use clever software to enable you to get a good indication of how a new hairstyle would look before you take the risk of having your haircut!

These sites are now proving so popular and useful, that many professional hair salons now use their services in-house so that stylists can discuss new styling options with clients before picking up a pair of scissors. Great-Hairstyles.com has completed a review of some of these interactive hairstyle picture databases. Click on the link below to see the results and our recommendations of the best ones for you try.

Read our review of interactive hairstyle databases.

Below are some details of excellent resources containing large galleries of hairstyle pictures. Just click on any of the images or links to go to the relevant site.




Salonsof America.com (black hairstyles)

These sites are also worth a try:


Blackhairmedia.com (black hairstyles)