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Prom Hair Styles

prom hairstyle, formal hairstyleThe prom is a special time in life for older teens. In most cases, girls will attend this dance with their high school sweetheart or perhaps they wait anxiously to be asked by the guy they like. The prom is a time when teens can get all dolled up, replacing jeans and sweatshirts for a time of looking grown up and beautiful. To accomplish this, they need the “right” dress and the “right” prom hair style.

The nice thing about prom hair styles is that in addition to the traditional styles that you see year after year, new styles are constantly being created. Therefore, you will have a number of great prom hair styles to choose from when you attend your high school prom.

Typically, when you plan to attend the prom, you have gone out shopping with friend to buy a stunning dress. Many young women will have their nails done. Additionally, some of them will splurge, having a facial and anything else to look fabulous. Of course, as a part of this, they also need to consider prom hair styles to match their gorgeous gown. Now is the perfect opportunity to do something special for you!

If you are the type of person that is always doing things for your friends, and seldom doing anything special for you, now is the time to choose a prom hair style, creating a little excitement for the top of your head. Remember that to achieve a beautiful look does not always mean you have to spend all the money you have.

To create a glamorous look that everyone will envy, one that will make you feel and look like a million dollars, consider the following tips:

* Ponytails are perfect when it comes to prom hair styles. Put your hair up in a high ponytail and then pull a few strands out that create a soft, yet spiky look. With a wax-based product or some good, heavy-duty hairspray, work your hair so that is have small strands that are sticking out in a neat manner. Then you can use a beaded ponytail holder to make your hair look glam.

* Another option for prom hair styles that deals with the ponytail is to separate it into two sections. Then, twist each of the sections of hair into random knots. These knots are then pinned to the back of your head using crystal hairpins or shortsticks. If you want something a little sassier, pull a few strands out and then spritz them into place.

* Again, putting your hair into a ponytail that is started at the midsection of your head, use a ribbon that matches your dress to weave a crisscross effect into your hair. If you have the ability or a friend to help, you can actually come up with some very elegant designs.

* With a single ponytail, you can use a number of gemmed clasps or pins to make it appear as though it is separated down into multiple strands. The look is actually quite chic and unique, and the ideal prom hair style.

* When you do put your hair into a ponytail, use large size rollers to create curl and bounce. Then with a shine spray, you want to spritz well so the ponytail glistens and if you are young, you can even use a spray glitter.

* Real or silk flowers are always a great way to enhance a hairstyle. Whether woven into a braid or ponytail or placed behind one ear, this will add a feminine touch. Look at Drew Barrymore, she has shown the world just how amazing a flower in the hair can look.

* If you have short hair but want something completely different, you might treat yourself to extensions. Since these are temporary, they can be worn for several weeks after the event or taken out.

As mentioned, you can use color and jewels in your hair for prom hair styles but in addition to that, hair stencils are now a very popular solution. With stencils, you can create a very formal look or choose something trendier and funky. Regardless, these designs are created in the hair with temporary paints or glitter.

Typically, short hair works best with stencils although you can do it on all lengths. The nice thing about choosing a hair stencil is that your design will be unique and you can be sure no one else at the event will have it. If you think this might be something that interests you, get ready to use your creativity and imagination. Just keep in mind that a few practice rounds first is probably a good idea.

Start by creating your pattern with cardboard or poster board so the design will be consistent and neat. If you like, you can always visit your local hobby store and choose a pre-made stencil. If you have never done stencils before, we would recommend you start small and simple. Additionally, you can do some or all of this process on your own but the help of a friend would be best.

You will need to shampoo your hair and then rinse with a good conditioner. Look for a leave-in conditioner that provides protection against gel, glitter, or color for the best results. Then with a blow dryer, work your hair so it completely straight. Now, position the stencil on the part of your hair you want covered (this is a good time for some assistance). Once positioned properly, apply the color or glitter of your choice.

Once the stencil has been applied, you will need to use your fingers very carefully to arrange the hair. Then use a good shaping spray to hold it in place and you are all set for a magnificent night on the town.

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